Big Back Yolo

Look at that big back. I bet this guy is a freshman in college and was away from Mommy & Daddy for too long. Now he has this terrible huge Yolo Tattoo on his back. I'd imagine this type of person is the one to announce it all over Facebook.
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I know him..

I think everyone knows this guy from somewhere, seems like a photoshop. Look at all those YOLO tattoos that he has.. jesus!
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Father, son, and holy YOLO!

HAHA! Way to mix a cross into this well thought out tattoo. Oh god.. please help when I no longer YOLO.
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Large Yolo Disaster

Ok, so this was submitted to me with no title or valid description, so I am going to make one up. I ended up getting this tattoo because I felt the need to show everyone how I felt about doing stupid things. If you care, punch me in the face because.. YOLO!
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