Big Back Yolo

Look at that big back. I bet this guy is a freshman in college and was away from Mommy & Daddy for too long. Now he has this terrible huge Yolo Tattoo on his back. I'd imagine this type of person is the one to announce it all over Facebook.
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Beached Whale

Super gross. This dude needs to put a shirt on as soon as possible. Luckily we were able to get this photo for you to relish in. Thanks Tosh.
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I told her not to do it, YOLO

Well it looks like she did it.. I hope that was free.. because this YOLO Tattoo is UGLY!
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Free Taco Bell for You

I bet she would get free Taco Bell for this tattoo... jesus..
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Shoulder YOLO

Umm excuse me... but how are you going to explain this during your wedding? I'm getting married to this guy because.. YOLO! This is one of the worst places to put a tattoo that says You Only Live Once. Hahaha I'm still laughing
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Ghetto Girls Only Live Once

Hah, this lady naturally if she only could live once, she would get it tatted on her head. Great job
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Mr. Fast Food Man

I bet this dude loves fast food so much.. awesome to catch this guy at the beach. He looks so proud
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