Myspace YOLO Boy

Does anyone even log in to www.myspace.com anymore? I know I deleted mine back in 2006, but this guy will never forget the place for friends. Neither will his girlfriends.. haha.
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Large Yolo Disaster

Ok, so this was submitted to me with no title or valid description, so I am going to make one up. I ended up getting this tattoo because I felt the need to show everyone how I felt about doing stupid things. If you care, punch me in the face because.. YOLO!
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Yolo Taco Bell

Well it looks like we have another Taco Bell junkie on our hands. This guy was smart enough to get this tattoo in a location where everyone will be able to judge him. I'm not going to lie I do like Taco Bell.
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Big YOLO Lips

Well, since you only live once, why not get the letters tattooed on the back of your lip. Yeah sweet bro, your such a hipster pulling your lip down. If I had a dollar for each one of these yolo tattoos, I wouldn't need to run this website
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YOLO Crown

Welp, if you have seen gangland, this tattoo closely resembles the tattoo affiliate with one of the large Mexican gangs. Not a big deal, we can just throw the saying Y.O.L.O on it and call it a day. Super sweet tat bruh
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Crash Bandicoot

One of my favorite games, Crash Bandicoot. I'm not gonna lie, I actually like this one, because I used to play that game! From Andy Bush.
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Is that Drake? No.. wtf

Well I'll be damned, either this is a really great photo edit or this goon really shaved his eye brows off and got tattoos in place. He probably has to keep those ones waxed... hahahah
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American Taco

This flipping guy really got a tattoo of a taco on the back of his arm. Tool? Douche? Mexican? All of the above? I'll let you decide...
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Shoulder YOLO

Umm excuse me... but how are you going to explain this during your wedding? I'm getting married to this guy because.. YOLO! This is one of the worst places to put a tattoo that says You Only Live Once. Hahaha I'm still laughing
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Taco Bell Lover

At least this douche got this Taco Bell logo tattooed on him somewhere that can be hidden
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