Myspace YOLO Boy

Does anyone even log in to anymore? I know I deleted mine back in 2006, but this guy will never forget the place for friends. Neither will his girlfriends.. haha.
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Free Taco Bell for You

I bet she would get free Taco Bell for this tattoo... jesus..
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Wait, the Taco Bell Dog?

Is that really the Taco Bell dog that was in those commericials.. I think it is.. hahaha. I sure did love that dog. Heard he is dead now though? Possible rumor.. regardless.. sweet.
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Crazy Gordita

Lol my friend got this done when she was 17 (don't ask) and did it to piss off her boyfriend. He hates taco bell and she was dying to get a tattoo. Not to mention that it will eventually go away. She said it hurt real bad haha
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