Crazy Face

Well I am sure this guy has his entire body tatted, but god.. look at that face! His ears are black, he looks like he came from an African tribe, yet he is white. Identity crisis?
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YOLO Crown

Welp, if you have seen gangland, this tattoo closely resembles the tattoo affiliate with one of the large Mexican gangs. Not a big deal, we can just throw the saying Y.O.L.O on it and call it a day. Super sweet tat bruh
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Ex-Girlfriend Yolo Tattoo

This is a picture of my ex's YOLO tattoo. Honestly I laughed at her when she came back with this tattoo. I must say... I thought it was strange that she got this tattoo very shortly before breaking up with me. So stupid....
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Back Fat from Taco Bell

This is an actual picture of my Dad. He is a die hard Taco Bell fan and got this tattooed in early 2004. My mom wasn't mad when he showed us during our vacation to the beach. I had to take a picture and share because this is #YOLO
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Don't Look Back Pt. 2

Yea well just look at it, I feel like its the start of a sweet story.. From Greensburg, PA
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Just Shoot Em Pt. 1

Pretty solid tattoo here. Yup, definitely a first.. you can imagine what happened next From Greensburg, PA
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