Super YOLO

Ah, of my favorite tattoos, the Carpe Diem swag of "YOLO", I wish it was bigger. I want big bad YOLO Tattoos all over my body. That was a joke and I am glad that I found this tattoo to host on our website. Fantastic.
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wow thats bad ass did that hurt?

hopefully that tat isn't the real deal most Maori and Samoan people frown on odrisuets doing real tribal tats because the tats are spiritual and tell a family history. It is really disrespectful to their culture its kind of like a white guy wearing black face. But there are some symbols and designs that can be used without offense.

Second that. Anyone thinking of gtinetg this style of ink make sure the artist has permission or remixes the designs so they don't step on anyone toes. These patterns communicate very specific cultural meanings and it is not ok to apply them to yourself if you are not of this culture ( or have been granted permission.)

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