Beached Whale

Super gross. This dude needs to put a shirt on as soon as possible. Luckily we were able to get this photo for you to relish in. Thanks Tosh.
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Free car tattoos are no proelbm. Just follow the instructions on the page. Also if you have pics of your own car tattoos then send them in and they will be posted in the gallery page. Thanks for checking out the site!

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Hey, cool content, but WordPress breaks it up on my monitor. Maybe it's the plugin you have on the site. Have you considered a different CMS?

Hmm yea that doesnt sound correct as this CMS is clearly not WordPress. Try upgrading your browser

I have to say I my tattoo is the bisgget regret of my life and believe me I've been on this earth for 398 years and have had ample time to do some crazy stuff! I am not against them for some people but no matter how you look at it there is a stereotype that goes along with them. As far as Meagan being kicked of because of them? No, I am a vocalist (not of American Idol status) and the girl just doesn’t have that much talent! She has a completely contrived voice it is not natural at all! It obviously showed on many of the song that she performed. Her beauty definitely got her as far as she did! The tattoos, although I do not care for them, set her apart and perhaps helped her broaden her audience. A little quote for my husband accepts my tattoo but does not care for it: “Tattoos are for sailors and convicts” he’s ten years older than me…enough said.

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