Back Fat from Taco Bell

This is an actual picture of my Dad. He is a die hard Taco Bell fan and got this tattooed in early 2004. My mom wasn't mad when he showed us during our vacation to the beach. I had to take a picture and share because this is #YOLO
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This is really disugsting

meh, i persnaly think laser tat reovaml is one of the bigest scams out there (cough cough, doctrs too). It only works for homemade and shalow tatoos but not on the other types. show me one real photo on the net or anywhere that isn't edited w/ either program or lighting. There's not a single person who's posted a sucessful pic or vid on utube. By the time u get to ur 20th sesion, ur skin is scarred anyway. u may see progress but it never comes close to being gone like u see on those fake fotos

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