Crazy Face

Well I am sure this guy has his entire body tatted, but god.. look at that face! His ears are black, he looks like he came from an African tribe, yet he is white. Identity crisis?
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Old YOLO Head

Well look at this guy, isn't he just so clever. We have the marijuana plant in the background, followed up by the back of his head smoking a juicy j. Even switched the glasses! Some people never grow up, and we thank you for that.
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Head Breakfast

Pretty cool... these head tattoos are nuts. Is that eggs and brains?? Sounds real good right about now.. lets eat!
Average: 5 (3 votes)

Faceless YOLO Man

Another oldie but favorite. This guy is watching his back for sure, maybe he will watch your back too.
Average: 2.4 (3 votes)